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Excavation Services Portland

The Hunt for Excavation Near Me Is Over!


Excavation Services PortlandWe offer a few options when it comes to dealing with your excavation needs, including innovative trenchless technology. For well over 15 years, Superior Underground has offered the residents of Portland and SW Washington unparalleled excavation contractor services and quality customer service. We know that dealing with excavation problems around your home or business can be messy. That’s why our expertly trained team is here to help you every step of the way. From in-depth inspections to full repairs and replacements, we cover it all from start to finish. Contact us today to get started!

Innovative Sewer Repair & Replacement

We specialize in residential and commercial sewer rehabilitation. If you have roots, a break or separation, or need a full-line replacement, we can handle them all. We work weekly on properties of residential homes as well as larger commercial properties in the street. Stay on top of your pipes and get a professional inspection today!

Water Line Repair & Replacement

Along with being able to repair and replace existing water lines, we also offer freshwater line installs for new and existing homes or businesses. Certain types of pipes, like galvanized pipes and older metal pipes, need to be trenched when being replaced. Most of our freshwater lines are installed via directional drilling. We can drill all different sizes of water lines depending on what you are looking for.

Excavation Portland

Water Lines Portland

Water Lines Services Portland

Traditional Trenching for Multiple Uses

We offer several types of trenching options for all types of utility lines and drainage systems.
Trench Services Portland

  • Cable TV and fiber-optic trenching
  • Gas utility line trenching
  • Electrical utility trenching
  • Private utility trenching
  • Sewer line systems
  • Stormwater systems

Septic Systems

Superior Underground is licensed and certified in the state of Oregon to install and repair your septic system. We design layouts for new construction builds as well as repair and replace existing systems. We also take care of pumping systems and decommissioning them to city requirements if you are ever required to hook up to the city sewer. Let us handle your septic needs!

Septic Systems Portland

Site Prep

When you’re looking for an excavation company to prepare a piece of property for development, we offer the following services:

Light Demolition Work

Superior Underground offers light demo work and removal from residential and commercial properties. We focus on smaller jobs due to our equipment. We handle sheds, outhouses, garages, and small buildings.

When You Need Land Grading And Sloping for Land Clearing, We’ve Got You Covered!

Demolition Work Portland

Superior Underground does minor grading and sloping on properties for all kinds of situations. New home builds, property clearing and leveling, drainage issues and parking lot prep, and extensions can all require a specific type of land clearing and grading or sloping.

Foundation Dig-Outs

We offer new construction dig-outs for homes, ADU’s, shops, and small commercial buildings. We do the dig-outs based on plans provided by owners/builders. We have laser-level technology to ensure proper grades and levels be achieved.

Minor Haul Away

We do small hauls of yard debris, wood, metal, and misc material. Let us know what you have!

Contact Superior Underground Today for All Your Excavation Needs!

From sewer repair and other plumbing and excavation services, contact the local leaders in the excavation industry at Superior Underground today! Contact one of our expert team members and find out why we’ve been Portland’s choice for professional excavation services for over 15 years!

FAQs About Excavation Services

What are the different types of excavation?
Trench Excavation: This type of excavation involves digging long, narrow and deep trenches, often used for laying pipes, and cables, or constructing foundations for buildings. Road Excavation: This type of excavation is done for the construction or maintenance of roads and highways. Basement Excavation: It involves digging and creating space below ground level for constructing basements in buildings.
What is the purpose of excavation?
Excavation serves several essential purposes in construction and engineering projects: Excavation is crucial for laying the foundation of buildings and structures, ensuring stability and support. It also helps to create level surfaces for construction, landscaping, or road development. Excavation allows for the installation of underground utilities like water pipelines, sewer lines, electrical cables, and telecommunications.

What must be done before excavation?

Before starting any excavation work, several important steps must be taken to ensure safety and efficiency:


  1. Conduct a thorough survey to identify the boundaries, potential hazards, and utility lines present in the area. 
  2. Obtain all necessary permits and approvals from local authorities before commencing excavation work.
  3. Call for utility locators to mark the locations of underground pipes, cables, and other utilities to prevent accidental damage.
  4. Conduct soil tests to determine the type and stability of the soil, which helps in selecting the appropriate excavation methods.
  5. Establish proper safety protocols, including setting up barricades, warning signs, and safety gear for workers.
  6. Remove any debris, vegetation, or obstacles from the excavation site.
  7. Decide on the proper disposal methods for excavated materials, whether to reuse or transport them off-site.

By following these steps, excavation projects can be carried out safely, effectively, and in compliance with regulations.