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Excavator Portland

Find Quality Excavators Near Me!

Excavator PortlandAt Superior Underground, our experienced excavator team provides a variety of different services for homes and businesses in Portland. Our staff has the proper training and knowledge to complete jobs of any size. With the latest in excavation technology, we’re able to complete jobs on-time and with precision. We use technology like directional drilling. We make sure to get the job done with little to no mess. As a family-owned, local business, we make sure that our customers are satisfied with our work from start to finish. We stand behind our work and make sure to get it right the first time around. Call us today and ask about any of our excavation services in the Portland metro area and ask how we can help your home or business!

Get Experienced Excavation Services in Portland Today!

When your Portland home or business is in need of sewer or water line repairs, it’s crucial to find the best crew to fix your system! Superior Underground has a local excavation team ready to take your call and properly solve your sewer issues. With the experience and technology we use, we’re able to handle a wide variety of problems including:

  • Sewer Repair
  • Drainage System Repair
  • Sewer Replacement
  • Water Line Repair
  • And More!

Along with repairs, we can install new drainage systems, main water lines, and more!

Water Line Repair and Replacement For Your Portland Home or Business

If your Portland home or business has a water line that needs repair or replacement, Superior Underground is your local and reliable excavator. We specialize in both sewer and water line repair and replacement. With fast and honest response times, we can get your water line or sewer back to normal quickly. Our repair services take out the portion of the water line that is damaged and can repair or replace the line, making sure that you avoid future hazards. Our team always makes sure to thoroughly inspect the water line inside and outside the home or business before and after we perform our services. With our water line services, we generally use directional or horizontal drilling to be more precise. Our team can work on any size water line and can install water lines based on your specific needs! When you need your water line repaired or replaced, make sure you call the local experts at Superior Underground!

We Use Safe Directional Drilling Methods

Directional boring or horizontal directional drilling can also be utilized in the set up of utility pipelines and channels. The process begins when a pilot borehole is drilled along a pre-determined bore course from the surface with minimum disturbance. Horizontal directional drilling is a method to get utilities from one spot to another without destroying the existing ground or obstacles that are in between the two points. Directional drilling goes above and beyond standard trenching, connecting utilities and services in places that normal trenching is difficult. We can utilize directional drilling to install multiple energy sources like gas lines, water lines, sewer lines, and electrical conduit for cable televisions such as optical fiber and power.

Get A New Septic System Installed in Portland!

Excavator Services PortlandAt Superior Underground, we’re licensed and certified for septic system installation and repair in the state of Oregon. Our professional team can create design layouts for new construction, as well as repairing and replacing existing systems. Do you have a pumping system that needs to be decommissioned? We can help you there too. If you ever need to have your system hooked up to the city sewer, we can properly decommission your pumping system to the city requirements.

Professional Site Prep and Other Excavation Services

Superior Underground can provide a wide variety of other excavation services in Portland including site prep for new development, light demolition work for residential and commercial buildings, minor grading and sloping for properties and a number of different situations, and foundation dig-outs for new construction on residential and small commercial buildings. Do you have old yard debris, wood, metal, or other miscellaneous material that needs to be hauled away? We can take that for you as well. As a local, family-owned company in Portland, we strive to serve our customers in as many ways as possible. Give us a call today and ask us how we can help you today with our professional excavator services in Portland!