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Camera Sewer Inspections Portland

Advantages of Using Camera Sewer Inspections

Sewer camera inspection services are an effective way to inspect and diagnose any issues that may be occurring with your sewer line. This type of inspection for evaluation will allow a professional to quickly identify problems such as blockages, root penetration, or breaks so that you can address the issue promptly. Scheduling a sewer camera inspection is a practical step towards ensuring that any issues with your sewer line are effectively identified and resolved on time.

What Are Camera Sewer Inspections?

Sewer Camera Inspection Portland

Sewer inspection cameras allow plumbing technicians to peek inside your pipes, regardless of how hidden away they may be. Using this technology, they can identify clogs and other issues in the pipes with precise accuracy, locate line breaks, and overall track the health of your pipes, so you don’t have to worry about damaged property or spending more than necessary. By utilizing these sophisticated cameras, plumbing companies are allowing homeowners to detect issues quickly and efficiently. This high-tech approach means that much of the guesswork behind sewer line maintenance is over — not to mention you won’t need to ponder the mystery of where your wastewater is going.

Camera Inspections Are Affordable 

Homeowners can greatly benefit from sewer pipe camera inspections by saving money and reducing time to repair leaks. These inspections are much less expensive than the alternative, as homeowners have better insight into their system’s health before making new investments. Spotting and preventing water damage caused by leaks or common sewer backups is easier with a camera inspection, as there is no need to employ multiple contractors and heavy machinery to pinpoint the source of any problems.

Furthermore, labor costs are kept low due to trenchless technology allowing for precise repairs with minimal effort. Sewer pipe camera inspections give homeowners more control over pending repairs, both financially and logistically, allowing them to plan while ensuring that they save money in the long run.

Cameras Are Non Invasive

Sewer cameras are a non-invasive and effective method of identifying and repairing any damages within your sewer line pipeline without digging anything up. The process begins with draining the sewer line before running our high-resolution video camera through, so our experts can easily identify any potential problems and give you the best protection against expensive repairs. Before these cameras existed, the traditional approach of discovering issues meant several years of recovery due to the large trenches dug through lawns, potentially leaving behind destroyed grass, shrubs and trees on the property. Investing in a professional sewer camera inspection can offer peace of mind and safeguard your home.

Video Detection Can Spot Many Issues

Sewer camera detection is an advanced technology that can identify a variety of reasons why you are having issues with your pipes, including the following:

  • Root intrusion is one of the most challenging plumbing issues to deal with. Root intrusion occurs when tree roots or shrub roots become attracted to the moisture in your drain and sewer pipes. This leads to them growing around – or even into – the lines, resulting in blockages and water leaks that can disrupt the entire plumbing system.
  • Cracks and fractures can become damaged over time in sewer pipes, and cracks or fractures may occur due to age, shifting soil, or other factors. A sewer camera can detect broken pipes and determine their severity.
  • Corrosion can deteriorate sewer pipes over time due to exposure to chemicals or other elements. A sewer camera inspection can identify corrosion and determine if repairs or replacements are necessary.
  • Bellied pipes occur when a section of a pipe sinks or settles due to ground movement, causing a low point where waste and water can accumulate. A plumbing video inspection can identify these issues and determine the best action.
  • Joint leaks: Sewer pipes consist of multiple sections joined together; over time, these joints can begin to leak. A video pipe sewer inspection can identify joint leaks and determine how to repair them.
  • Sewer pipes collapse when sewer pipes are old or damaged. A camera sewer pipe inspection can identify collapses and determine the extent of the damage.

You Get Accurate Diagnostics with Video Sewer Inspections

By using an underground camera, property owners will have access to a live video feed in real time. This allows for observing sewer issues and their precise location, regardless of how many turns and curves are present.

Useful for Property Appraisal

A plumbing inspection is not a necessary step for most property inspections or appraisals, but it can certainly be beneficial when it comes to getting a full appraisal of your property’s true value. Replaceable components in the plumbing and drainage areas are not always taken into account when appraising. However, neglecting them can substantially reduce a home’s worth. Periodic maintenance and repairs go a long way toward protecting a home and its value. Making minor fixes now can prevent larger issues in the future and help ensure that your home holds its value for many years.

Get Camera Sewer Line Inspection Done by Professionals

Sewer Camera Portland

At Superior Underground, we understand that plumbing issues can be unpredictable and difficult to diagnose. That’s why our team is equipped with state-of-the-art cameras for effective sewer inspection technology and experienced technicians who specialize in pipe maintenance and repair. Camera inspections give us detailed insights into problems within the pipes of home or business owners, allowing us to locate the issue quickly and safely with minimal disruption to your daily routine. Our expert team also provides trenchless drilling techniques that enable us to offer efficient services for our Portland customers without having to deal with unnecessary hassles. For top-quality service and effective solutions every time, contact us today!

Other excavation services we provide:

  • Sewer repair services
  • Various Excavation projects
  • Residential and commercial property comprehensive services
  • Complete sewer replacement services
  • Water line repair services
  • Drainage services

Visit our About Us page for more information about our company.

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Advantages of Using Camera Sewer Inspections

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