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Drainage Systems Portland

Most Common Drainage System Problems

Drainage problems can range from minor and easy to ignore to major rebuilding efforts. They arise when a drainage system is either aging and needs repair, outside circumstances that cause damage, or when inadequate infrastructure is in place that cant handle rapid changes in terrain due to floods or construction. Without a well-maintained drainage system, water will rush into residential or commercial areas, causing havoc.

This can lead to compromised foundations, flooding basements, mold growth, and the spread of disease, among a variety of drainage issues. To prevent this expensive reconstruction process, regular maintenance and inspections should be conducted so that any potential problems can be prevented before they become serious.

Signs You Have Drainage System Problems

Detecting a water drainage problem can be tricky. At times, it is evident that something is off; other times, the signs are subtle and difficult to pinpoint. Keep an eye out for common warning signs such as poor-performing gutters, wet and soggy areas in your yard, pooled water around your foundation or even slow-flowing drainage systems. Early detection is key when dealing with drainage problems.

Here are some common problem signs:

  • Gushing gutters– could be caused by blockages from leaves and debris.
  • Water stains in the basement– look to see where these are and contact a professional to see if it’s from drainage problems.
  • Walls flaking– looks like a white or gray crust.
  • Mildew in the attic– mildew might appear under your roof and could be a sign of problems down below.
  • Standing water in your yard- seeing puddling or ponding water in your yard may be a sign that your drainage system is not working properly.
  • Smelly drains– unpleasant smells from inside or outside of your property could signify drainage problems.


Blockages in your home’s drainage system can be a nuisance to live with. Slow-draining sinks, clogged drains, and toilet bowls with poor draining functions are signs of a blocked drainage system. These blockages are usually caused by coffee grounds, hair, tissues, fat, and other oily residues flushed down the pipes inappropriately.

Sometimes, people attempt to fix this problem with quick solutions such as pouring hot water or liquid cleaning solutions down the pipes or using a plunger to apply pressure and suction. While this might provide temporary relief, it is often necessary to contact a professional drainage company when dealing with more severe complications.

Broken or Displaced Joints

Protecting your pipelines from damage due to ground instability and repairs is essential. Unexpected events such as these can cause displacement or damage to your pipes, resulting in leaks and structural collapse if the pipeline is supporting something important. Always call a professional for this type of problem.

Fractures and Cracks

Fractures in drainpipes are unfortunately commonly caused by regular use and the pressure that builds up over time. Generally, these fractures will occur near the joints, where two separate pipe sections fit together, and these are most prone to giving way first. However, in some cases, fractures can occur further along the length of a pipe, making them difficult to detect. If water can seep through these cracks, it can result in a weakened ground structure, which has the potential to cause even more damage if not addressed promptly.

Taking preventative measures such as regularly inspecting pipework and repairing any fractured sections can go a long way towards avoiding expensive repair bills down the line.

Roots Damaging Pipes

Tree root penetration is a severe but unavoidable challenge for pipelines. When tree roots extend deep into the ground, they can make their way through the joints of the drain pipes and cause blockages in the pipework. This causes wastewater and foul odor to seep out. To prevent such situations from occurring, it’s important to keep up with regular checks on pipelines that run near trees or other vegetation to ensure their integrity remains intact.

Collapsed Pipes

A collapsed drainage pipe is a serious issue – not only does it prevent wastewater from flowing as it should, but it can also lead to several other distressful problems for the surrounding area. For example, an increase in soil moisture will foster mold growth and weaken the ground structure. This means that if a pipe is discovered to be collapsed, immediate repair efforts need to be taken to prevent further detrimental consequences.


Advanced Drainage Systems Portland

Erosion is another common drainage problem. Contact an expert to find the best solution. Installing a storm chamber is one way to tackle drainage problems caused by downspout water. Storm Chambers can capture rainwater runoff from gutters and redirect it away from your house and yard, mitigating potential erosion.

Soggy Lawn Spots

Have you noticed a wet area in your yard that never appears to dry out? Problems with underground springs may cause the issue. Your lawn could be sitting right on top of them, and when the pressure builds up, they come to the surface in these soggy spots. Other causes include large depressions in your landscape or improper pitch and slope of the ground. When it comes to drainage and water infiltration issues, it’s best to consult a professional. They can help identify and diagnose whatever is causing these soppy sections in your yard.

Call Superior Underground For Your Drainage System Problems

Drainage System Portland

If you require cutting-edge drainage systems in Southwest Washington and the Portland metropolitan area, Superior Underground has got you covered. Our team of experts offers services for residential and commercial customers alike, with a variety of solutions to fit your individual needs. We understand that drainage systems come in all shapes and sizes and serve many different purposes – so let us provide you with an efficient system tailored specifically to help accomplish your goals! With large inventories of high-quality materials at our disposal, you can rest assured knowing your needs are taken care of by professionals who know their stuff. Contact us today.

Drainage systems we provide:

  • French drain systems
  • Storm drains from StormTech
  • Dry well systems
  • Grease trap systems
  • Catch basin inlets and sump pumps

Other related services we provide:

  • Sewer replacement 
  • Water line repair
  • Trench-less technologies
  • Excavation services 

Benefits of choosing Superior Underground:

  • Advanced drainage systems
  • Advanced wastewater treatments

Visit our About Us page for more information about our company!

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Most Common Drainage System Problems

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