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Water Line Repair Portland

Warning Signs You Need to Repair Your Home’s Water Supply

Staring out of the window, watching the garden sprinkler spray your grass and flowers, you make an interesting observation; without a functioning water line connecting your municipal freshwater system to your home, life comes to a standstill. But how can you tell if something goes wrong with this underground pipeline? It’s unlike any fixture or appliance you can readily see and inspect. It helps to know signs of damage before you find yourself helplessly out of water when you need it most.

Water Discoloration

If you experience strange discoloration, such as a light or dark brown color, in your home water supply, it’s natural to assume that corrosion might be the culprit. In some cases, this could very well be the issue; however, dirt and soil entering a system can sometimes be the root of the problem. For instance, some water pipes are older, so they may develop leakage or cracks, which expose them to outside elements containing dirt, soil and other contaminants. This would lead to discolored water that isn’t related to rust or heavy metals–but is still something you want to address and prevent from happening.

Water on Your Ceiling, Floors, or Walls Near Water Lines

Water Line Portland

If you notice wet spots in your ceilings, floors, or walls, it’s time to take action. The usual culprit is a leaking pipe, which can quickly become a huge problem if not taken care of. Try searching near the floor or under the sink; these are usually tell-tale signs of water damage caused by a main water line leak. Don’t let your leaking pipes get worse over time; have a professional water line technician assess the situation and take preventive measures immediately.

Water Pressure Suddenly Drops

A drop in water pressure is one of those “head-scratchers” – it can be tough to determine the exact cause of the problem. If you’ve experienced a sudden reduction, a likely culprit could be that your water line has sustained a leak. While it’s important to keep in mind that there are other possibilities, such as valves shutting, an issue with your water pump, or clogs or blockages in the pipes, checking for any gaps or cracks in your exterior water line should be your first step to investigating the problem.

Water On the Street In Front of Your House

If you notice water bubbling up from the street or walkway near your home, you must take action quickly. This is often a sign of an underground pipe leak on your property, and if left unchecked, this can cause serious damage to your yard, home foundations and surrounding areas.

Water Puddles or Soggy Spots On Your Lawn

If you’ve noticed that your lawn is a little soggier than usual, even though it hasn’t rained recently, there could be an underlying problem with your water line. It’s likely that the water line may have a crack or several cracks and is leaking beneath the surface of your lawn. In this case, the best action to take is to call a water line professional right away so they can assess the situation and fix it before any more water is wasted!

Water Bill Suddenly Increases

Are you a little alarmed by the recent jump in your water bill? Before you start to panic, it’s important to investigate what might be the cause. The culprit might be a hidden leak in your home or a faulty water line, which can add up if they go undetected.

Slow Drainage

Have you ever noticed that your home is suffering from slow drainage? You’re not alone. Poor plumbing systems and broken pipes are the primary culprits of slow drainage, which can lead to clogged showers and backed-up toilets – both of which are extremely unpleasant. The worst part about slow drainage is that it can mess up your daily plans by causing tasks to take twice as long due to ankle-deep water. If you experience these plumbing issues, it’s essential to book a plumber right away so they can inspect the pipes and use their modern equipment to fix the problem before it gets any worse.

Condensation On Water Heater

It’s not uncommon for condensation to cause droplets to appear on the outside of your heater; this typically happens when all the warm water has been used and any new water entering the tank is colder. If these droplets reappear after checking beneath the heater and finding nothing, then it’s probably just condensation, and there is nothing to worry about; however, if there is a puddle under the tank, then there is definitely an issue with leakage!

Contact Superior Underground for Water Line Repairs If you Notice These Signs

Waterline Portland

Water lines are incredibly important for our daily lives, offering us access to a basic requirement – clean drinking water, showers, sink water, etc. In Portland, however, a lot of people don’t realize that their water lines can be subject to damage as much as any other utility line in the house. There are a number of reasons that can cause breakage, like ground shifts or outdated pipes. Sometimes these incidents become evident only after significant damage occurs, and it’s best to be prepared in case something happens unexpectedly. If you need to inspect or repair your water line, look no further; Superior Underground is an experienced team of experts you can rely on! Contact us today for an inspection and repairs if needed.

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Warning Signs You Need to Repair Your Home’s Water Supply

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