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What Kinds of Projects Would You Need an Excavation Contractor for?

There’s a vast amount of projects requiring an excavation company’s assistance. Many construction companies and homeowners hire excavators in order to expedite the process of their project(s). Due to this, there are many services that excavation contractors offer. They operate heavy machinery that allows them to dig, move, and grade the earth for various different projects. They partner and work closely with many different companies, such as landscapers and contractors. If you are a homeowner or business owner and have a project but are unsure if an excavation company can help, here are some services excavation companies offer.

Sewer Repair / Replacement

Sewer backups are not only frustrating, but they can cause damage to your home or business. If your drains are backed up, it could indicate you have a compromised sewer pipe. There are many ways your sewer pipes can suffer damage, including:

  1. Ground Settlement
  2. Root Intrusion
  3. Pipe deterioration

Most excavation companies specialize in sewer rehabilitation. They will be able to inspect your situation, carefully dig the area, and fully repair or replace your sewer line.

Water Line Repair / ReplacementWater Line Repair and Replacement

The water supply line to your home or business is a vital part of your infrastructure. If you’re having issues with your water line, some excavation companies offer water line repair and replacement!

At Superior Underground, along with repairing and replacing existing water lines, we also offer freshwater line installs for new and existing homes or businesses. Certain types of pipes like galvanized pipes and older metal pipes need to be trenched when being replaced. Most of our freshwater lines are installed via directional drilling. We can drill all different sizes of water lines depending on what you are looking for.

Traditional Trenching for Multiple Uses

Some excavation companies offer trenching services for utility lines and drainage systems. This can include:

  1. Cable TV and fiber-optic trenching
  2. Gas utility line trenching
  3. Electrical utility trenching
  4. Sewer systems
  5. Stormwater systems

Septic Systems

No matter if you need a septic system designed for a new build or if you need your existing one repaired or replaced, excavation companies can help! Before hiring an excavation company to handle your septic system, ensure that your provider is licensed and certified to perform that particular job.

Superior Underground is licensed and certified in the state of Oregon to install and repair your septic system. We design layouts for new construction builds as well as repair and replace existing systems. We also take care of pumping systems and decommissioning them to city requirements if you are ever required to hook up to the city sewer.

Site Prep

One of the most common services excavation companies offer is site prep. This includes but is not limited to:


Excavators have the equipment to perform demolition on existing structures that need to be removed. Keep in mind that not all excavation companies offer the same type of demolition services, so be sure to ask.

Superior Underground offers light demo work and removal from residential and commercial properties. We focus on smaller jobs due to our equipment. We handle; Sheds, outhouses, garages, and small buildings.

Land Grading and sloping

Land grading is the process of leveling an area, such as a slope. It’s often used for construction projects such as home building etc. Excavators are often contracted for this purpose. Though not all excavation companies offer the same types of land grading services, most have the equipment and skill to perform this task.

Superior Underground does minor grading and sloping on properties for all kinds of situations. New home builds, property clearing and leveling, drainage issues and parking lot prep, and extensions can all require a specific type of land clearing and grading or sloping.

Foundation Dig-Outs

A foundation dig-out is often one of the first steps in new building/home construction. It’s the process of digging out the area where your structure will be built on. Excavation companies are contracted to work side by side with building contractors to perform this task.

Superior Underground offers new construction dig-outs for homes, ADU’s, shops, small commercial buildings. We do the dig-outs based on plans provided by owners/builders. We have laser level technology to ensure proper grade and level is achieved.

Haul Away’s

Some excavation contractors will offer haul-away services when performing site prep for some projects. This isn’t always guaranteed, so be sure to ask.

At Superior Underground, we do small hauls of yard debris, wood, metal, and other miscellaneous material.

Why should I call a professional excavation contractor?Excavation Company Portland

Many people think that digging is easy and anyone can do it, but this is not true. Digging requires experience, training, and proper equipment in order to be done correctly and safely. Inexperienced homeowners often end up causing damage to their home or property while digging because they don’t have the right tools for the job. Hiring an excavator will ensure that your project goes according to plan by having professionals with all of the correct permits and licenses complete your excavation work quickly, efficiently, and without damaging your home or property.

Call Superior Underground!

We offer a few options when it comes to dealing with your excavation needs, including innovative trenchless technology. For well over 15 years, Superior Underground has provided the residents of Portland and SW Washington unparalleled excavation services and quality customer service. We know that dealing with excavation problems around your home or business can be messy. That’s why our expertly trained team is here to help you every step of the way. From in-depth inspections to full repairs and replacements, we cover it all from start to finish. Contact us today to get started!

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What Kinds of Projects Would You Need an Excavation Contractor for?

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